Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fraud Roundup - 9/8/11 - 26/8/11

Our round-up of reported company fraud

The below have reported as having a high likelihood of being victims of company hijacking - or ID fraud

09/08/2011 INVESTCOM TRADE LLP http://ukdata.com/c/OC336462
10/08/2011 DOWGATE TRADING (UK) LTD. http://ukdata.com/c/03635817
16/08/2011 BMAR LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/05668043
18/08/2011 UK EXPERT BUREAU LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/07017495
19/08/2011 BICYCLE LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/06331421
20/08/2011 WHOLESALERS LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/05447915
20/08/2011 ELECTROMART LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/03836898
22/08/2011 WHISKY BIDCO LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/05974063
24/08/2011 PHONES LTD http://ukdata.com/c/06268987
25/08/2011 TECHAIR LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/03962338
25/08/2011 MOBILE SHOP (LONDON) LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/06047889
26/08/2011 LOANS MADE EASY LTD http://ukdata.com/c/07369070
26/08/2011 FINANCE FACE LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/06845851

Previously reported companies

These are companies that have been reported as having potential fraudulent activity

14/08/2011 & again 17/08/2011 ONLINE BARGAINS LTD http://ukdata.com/c/06928086 First reported 15/06/2011
17/08/2011 LOAN DIRECT LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/07302264 First reported 19/7/11
18/08/2011 PRODUCTS 24 ONLINE LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/07318294 First reported 01/07/2011

18/08/2011 DIGITAL SYSTEMS PRODUCTS LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/04702053 First reported 6/7/11
18/08/2011 SALE & ORDER LIMITED http://ukdata.com/c/07194672 First reported 25/6/11

How it works

We have been notified that these companies may be a victim of company identity fraud. Company identity fraud in fraudulent online sellers and rogue websites using the identity of a legitimate company to take money (usually by Western Union) for goods (usually electrical goods) which they do not deliver.

If you work for, or own one of these companies, please contact us for more information and advice about protecting your company's identity.

If you are trying to order something from this company, please visit our fraud advice pages for help checking companies.

If you think you have been a victim of company identity fraud, please use our report suspected fraud form.

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