Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekly Fraud Roundup - week ending 03/06/2011

Weekly round up of reported company impersonation fraud.

The below have reported as having a high likelyhood of being victims of company hijacking - or ID fraud.

23/05/2011 APPLESTORE LIMITED(Registered No 01719986)
01/06/2011 MARTINS CAMERA SHOP LIMITED (Registered No 06280724)
01/06/2011 CAMERACT LIMITED (Registered No 04596786)
01/06/2011 IPHONES LIMITED (Registered No 05624869)
01/06/2011 NUMACH LTD (Registered No 05763000)
01/06/2011 APPLE ELECTRONICS LIMITED (Registered No 00915752)
01/06/2011 BICYCLE LIMITED (Registered No 06331421)
03/06/2011 ORDER DIRECT LIMITED (Registered No 04862606)
03/06/2011 GLF LIMITED (Registered No 06758130)
03/06/2011 GADGET DEPOT LIMITED (Registered No 06864024)
03/06/2011 HIGH PRESSURE SERVICES LIMITED (Registered No 07448741)
03/06/2011 ELECTAPRO LTD (Registered No 06715984)

How it works:
We have been notified that these companies may be a victim of company identity fraud. Company identity fraud involves fraudulent online sellers and rogue websites using the identity of a legitimate company to take money (usually by Western Union) for goods (usually electrical goods) which they do not deliver.
If you work for, or own one of these companies, please
contact us for more information and advice about protecting your company's identity.
If you are trying to order something from this company, please visit our fraud advice pages for help checking companies.
If you think you have been a victim of company identity fraud, please use our report suspected fraud form.

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