Monday, 14 March 2011

International Company Credit Reports

In response to the level of growth between the UK and Europe and in recognition of the levels of inter-country trade within Europe, we have launched a live European data service[i].  Using this service, visitors to  will have the same level of access to European company data as they already enjoy for UK companies.  This means that you can now:
  • Search for companies against official registries databases
  • Buy a credit report and download instantly
  • Buy copies of company documents including accounts
More importantly, visitors will be able to set up company monitoring for European companies, giving an alert as soon as a credit score or company document changes.  This will remain a free service.

Even though the UK sits outside the Eurozone, trade between the UK and other European countries is buoyant.  The most recent statistics for the month of November 2010 show exports from the UK to Europe at £13.1 billion, up 17.4% from November 2009.  Imports from Europe into the UK for the same period stood at £16.9billion, up 14.7% on the previous year.[ii]
Our European credit reports will enable companies throughout Europe to capitalise on this buoyancy by finding and monitoring information about their potential and existing trading partners.  Other companies across the world will also be able to retrieve the same level of data about European companies.   In the current economic climate this will help to strengthen confidence as well as allowing companies to react quickly to changes in financial strengths.

Apart from free company monitoring, prices for credit reports and documents start at £18+VAT.  Payment can be made using a variety of cards via our secure payment system. 

We are developing a direct bank transfer payment system for European clients and other methods of payment to assist our visitors who do not have easy access to business credit cards. (More on this next week)

At UK Data we are really excited to be expanding our range of services to include European company data which means you now have:
  • a one stop source for all European company data, reports and accounts
  • free international company monitoring
  • instant access to credit scores and accounts in 12 countries

[i] Countries include BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, FR, GR, IS, LT, MT, NL, PL, SK and GB, IE.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Monitor emails by mistake

Apologies to everyone who received out of date company alerts by email today. We missed a batch on December 18th and these were sent out today. I meant to put a covering note with the email but it was missed in the great big to-do list for yesterday.

The changes are valid, just that some of them may or may not interest you 11 weeks later.

Many Apologies


Friday, 4 March 2011

Free company credit score indicators

As part of our free company alert service, we have added risk movement indicators.  These simple icons will provide you with an instant snapshot of the movement in a companies risk score.

With no login or payment required, these free credit score indicators are one way in which we are working to enhance the service offered to our visitors.

Company credit scores can be revised at any time, driven by a variety of factors such as change in directors, release of annual accounts, CCJs or changes in company financing.  Whilst full credit reports are available to buy, we understand that sometimes you may just want an indication of whether events have resulted in an improving or worsening credit score.

Our new indicators will give you that snapshot as part of the free search available to you.

The credit score has declined The credit score has improved
Credit score unchanged No score available