Friday, 10 December 2010

Photoshop fraud - Act II

Thanks to Matt for finding this one.

The fraudster in this case is impersonating Premier Trade UK Ltd. But for some reason has decided to expand Companies House into Europe with some natty red text photoshopped on top...

Matt said:

"After reading info on your site, I would like to report the following (see attached) as providing red flags in all the suspected areas of suspicion (Western Union, great offer, 070 number, poorly worded adverstisement and emails, disputable information about the company's incorporation date and name of director).  I did not purchase anything, so there is no loss and no further hard evidence.

The ad below can be found, almost identical, in more than 10 other countries under some kind of "free classifieds"

Please advise your clientele and post on your site and blog."

Keep them coming in, but never forget in 99.9% of cases the company is also a victim.

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