Monday, 19 July 2010

Beta version of now live - What do you think?

At the beginning of July, we sent all users an email announcing the launch of our new website interface. The beta version is now live to the public. To try it out, simply click the link in the blue bar at the top of any page to switch between the current and beta designs.

What is Beta?
We have spent the past year designing and developing the beta website, including a new interface and features making it easier for you to find and share company information.

Can I still use the original site?
Before we convert to the new design, you can switch between the new and previous websites at any time, simply click the "old site" and "new site" links in the top bar of any page.

How long until I have to switch to using the new site?
From Monday 23rd August 2010 you'll be required to use the new design to manage your credit reports. During this time, we’ll continue to release additional features and make adjustments based on your feedback. To make sure that you're prepared for the transition, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the new interface as soon as possible.

Will my login details change?
Your login details will remain the same. Your previous reports however, will not be available in the new website until we make the final switch over - on Monday 23rd August 2010.

Please visit the website and use the feedback form on the left of all pages to tell us what you think.

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