Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bress Inc Limited and others...

BRESS INC Limited - 7185929 - Company not known at Registered Office address
This company was incorporated on 11/03/2010 and has its Registered Office address in COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS, CV3 1AN. This is also shown as the address of the director Jan BRESSER. Neither the company nor the director are known to the occupier.

PURE INDULGENCE (UK) LTD - 6698476 - Appointment without consent
A complaint has been received at Companies House that an individual has been appointed as director of this company without their knowledge or consent. This person is shown as a director of a company called HAMMOND COMMUNICATION Ltd - 06543622 and had resigned due to the fact that he did not like how the company was being run. He then found that Mr ROBINSON had set up 2 other companies and had appointed him to those companies without his knowledge or consent. Mr Robinson has since disappeared and no one knows where he has gone.

ALTERNATIVE HEAVEN Ltd - 7184365 Director not known at address shown
This company was incorporated on 10/03/2010. The filing history shows it has had a number of different appointments and changes of Registered Office address since then. Two directors, Paul BUTTON and Simon BUTTON are shown with an address in BRAUNTON, DEVON. This was also a previous Registered Office address. Neither the directors nor the company were known at this address. Both named Directors have since resigned.

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