Friday, 23 April 2010

OXFORD ROUND TABLE Limited and others...

OXFORD ROUND TABLE Limited - 6651605 - Company not known at Registered Office address
Companies House has received a complaint that this company is using an address in OXFORD, OXFORDSHIRE as its Registered Office address without the consent of the occupier. This address is also shown as the address for the director Joss GORDON who is not known at the address.

LARKSPUR PROPERTIES Ltd - 0520090 - Company Personation / Hijack
This company had its identity stolen. This has been confirmed by the genuine company. The company has its Registered Office address at 3RD FLOOR, 167 FLEET STREET, LONDON, EC4A 2EA. However, this is the address of BEECHAMS LLP, the company accountants. The Impersonation Address given is in WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA, ESSEX with a telephone number with a Southend area code. The company has no connection with this address or the phone number. The address appears to be a residential property. There is also a fraudulent website : This was created on 13/02/2010. The real company has confirmed they do not have a website.

RANI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED - 7200769 - Director not known at address shown
This company was incorporated on 24/03/2010 and the director’s address in SOUTHALL (This address was the previous Registered Office address and only just changed). Ms KAUR is not known at the address.

FIRST INTERNATIONAL TRADING Limited - 6959189 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that he has been appointed as director of this company without his knowledge or consent. He is shown as having been appointed on 21/10/2009 along with several other officials. The formation agents were Paramount at 35 FIRS AVENUE, LONDON, N11 3NE

EXECUTIVE STATUS LIMITED - 3538819 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office address
This company had its Registered Office address changed by submission of both paper and electronic forms AD01 to 3B COURT PARADE, WEMBLEY, LONDON, HA0 3HY. A person, apparently called Jerome BROWN, also requested an Authorisation Code to register for PROOF. This would appear to indicate a possible motive for fraudulent behaviour. The company has now resolved the position and the Registered Office address has been changed back.

For more information please visit our dedicated fraud webpage.

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