Thursday, 8 April 2010

ERPACCOUNTANCY Ltd and others...

ERPACCOUNTANCY Ltd - 7169580 - Residence used as Registered Office address
Complaint received at Companies House that this company is using an address in BATH as its Registered office address and also the address of the named director & Secretary without their knowledge or consent. These people are not known there.

SELCO SUPPLIES Limited - 6813021 - Address used as Company Registered Office without consent
The Registered Office address of this company is shown as REAR OF TEXACO P STATION ROEBUCK LANE, 180 BIRMINGHAM ROAD, WEST BROMWICH, B70 6QG. While the petrol station exists at this address, there is a small garage called JUNCTION ! AUTOS but they know nothing of this company.

LONDON BOUTIQUE Limited - 6697026 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that she was appointed as director between 10/02/2009 and 22/06/2009 without her knowledge or consent. She claims to know nothing of the company or directors.

ACKLAND CLARK & Co - 1360353 - Registered Office changed without consent
The Registered Office address was changed by submission of paper AD01 on 04/03/2010 to 24 COPINGER WALK, EDGWARE, MIDDLESEX, LONDON HA8 0AH.

ATHENA TRAINING GROUP LTD - 6840562 ) Address used as Company
ATHENA PLANT TRAINING LTD - 6842054 ) Registered Office without
These companies incorporated using the address of 91 QUARRY ROAD, DUDLEY WOOD, DUDLEY, WEST MIDLANDS, DY2 0EA as the Registered Office and the address of officer, Ian JOHNSON. The owner of the address knew the officer Mr JOHNSON as he was buying the home but as the sale was incomplete he disappeared. This appears to have been after he had set these companies up using the address. Kerry DREW, the other official does reside at the address shown.

DRUCE & PARTNERS LIMITED - 4751749 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office
The Registered Office address was changed by fraudulent submission of paper AD01 on 02/03/2010 to show 65 DUNKELD ROAD, DAGENHAM, ESSEX, RM8 2PT. The Register has been amended to show the correct address.

LOWEMEDIASOLUTIONS LIMITED - 6828279 - Appointment without consent / Possible fraudulent incorporation
An individual has complained to Companies House that he has been appointed without consent since incorporation of this company. He apparently lost his credit card last year which may be connected. The Registered Office address is in LONDON.

K G SOLUTIONS Limited - 6800952 - Address used as Company Registered Office without consent
An individual complained to Companies House that he has been receiving mail for the company and for the director Kevin GOODMAN. The company and the director are registered at his address in LONDON. The resident at that address has no knowledge of the company or director.

BILLERICAY BLINDS Ltd - 6057294 - Attempted fraudulent change of Registered Office address
An attempt was made to fraudulently change the Registered Office address to 24 HATTON STREET, TINKERS BRIDGE, MILTON KEYNES, MK6 3DN. This change was rejected at Companies House but is referred in case anybody tries to use the address with the company name.

MAVERICK TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Limited - 6312953 - Company Official not known at address shown
Companies House has received a complaint that the director David ADAMS is using an address in EARLS COURT, LONDON without the knowledge or consent of the occupier. He is not known at the address.

CHILDREN SERVICES LIMITED - 06950509 - Address used as Company Registered Office without consent
This company has shown its Registered Office address as Hertfordshire County Council office address of CHILDREN SERVICES WEST AREA APSLEY ONE, BRINDLEY WAY, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, HP3 9BF. Hertfordshire County Council do not know either the company or the director Deborah SAID. Ms SAID is shown as residing at a property in BRENTFORD, MIDDLESEX, but is not on the Voters Register.

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