Friday, 19 March 2010

CYBERNETUK.CO.UK Ltd and others...

CYBERNETUK.CO.UK Ltd - 7100285 - Possible fraudulent trading
The registered address of THE LANSDOWNE BUILDING, 2 LANSDOWNE ROAD, CROYDON, CR9 2ER. This is a Regus office address. The delivery address is shown as PO BOX 53789, LONDON, SE25 5BD has been used in an impersonation attempt against CYBERNETUK.CO.UK Ltd. Darrel CAREY also used the telephone number - 01502797979 - in the impersonation attempt. CYBERNET ONLINE UK Ltd was incorporated on 10/12/2009, customers were approached by Darrel CAREY purporting to be from CYBERNETUK.CO.UK Ltd which was the subject of a previous referral. The delivery address locates residential accommodation however a PO Box 53789 cannot be found.

CHELVEY DEVELOPMENTS Ltd - 4918428 - Personation
Goods were ordered in the company name for delivery to - CORNWALL WORKS, 3 GREEN LANE, SHEFFIELD, S3 8SJ. This address has been used in previous personations.

B INTERIORS Ltd - 5206939 - Possible fraudulent trading
This company has undergone a number of new appointments and resignations and changes of Registered Office in the last 12 months. The current Registered Address is shown as WHITE WEBS COTTAGE, MAIN ROAD, MARGARETTING, INGATESTONE, ESSEX, CM4 9HX. This is also shown as the address of the director, Anthony Peter TORTISE but I cannot find him on the Voters Register.

BRITADRIA Ltd - 7158718 - Residence used as Registered Office address
This company was incorporated on 16/02/2010 with a Registered Office address in LONDON. This is also shown as the address for the director of Sanjin BJELOBERK. Neither the director nor the company are known to the occupier of the address.

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