Friday, 19 February 2010

Met Police Company Fraud Alert

This company has a Registered Office shown as MANCHESTER EXCHANGE QUAY, 6TH FLOOR, 8 EXCHANGE QUAY, MANCHESTER, SALFORD, UNITED KINGDOM, M5 3EJ. This is a REGUS serviced office facility and this company is not registered with them nor is the director known to them. The director is shown as Sean CARTER with an address of 32 WORSLEY STREET, MANCHESTER, M15 4NX. This address appears to be some form of apartment block but I cannot find any trace of Mr CARTER there. REGUS have received post for this company and some callers at the address looking for the company.

The Registered Office is shown as 2ND FLOOR, 3 BRINDLEY PLACE, BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, B1 2JB. This is also a REGUS serviced office facility and as above, neither the company or director are known to them. The director is shown as Neil TAAK, using the same address. Mail has also been received at the address for the company.

AVATAR POND Limited - 7112793 - Residence used as Registered Office & director’s address
This company was incorporated on 24/12/2009 and has its Registered Office shown as in GREATER LONDON. This address is also shown as the address for the director, Stanley KARUHUMBA. Neither the company nor the director are known to the occupier. Mr KARUHUMBA appears to be identical to the director of GIMMIX Ltd (4741315), a dissolved company!

CBS MONACO LIMITED - 5679313 - Fraudulent change of Reg Office address
This company had its Registered Office address changed by submission of paper 287 on 13/09/2009. Fraudulent address - VICTORIA HOUSE, 28-38 DESBOROUGH STREET, HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE HP11 2NF. The record has been amended to show the genuine address - CARLTON WORKS, OSSINGTON ROAD, CARLTON-ON-TRENT, NEWARK, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE NG23 6NT

REMEDY CONSULTANTS LIMITED - 6760567 - Appointment without consent.
An individual has complained to Companies House that he has been appointed without his knowledge or consent to this company since incorporation. He does not know the Registered Office address in HERTFORDSHIRE. This would appear to be a residential property.

SOPHIA'S WISDOM LTD - 7146881 - Possible fraudulent incorporation
This company was only incorporated on 04/02/2010. The only official shown was the Formation Agent who is also shown as resigned from 05/02/2010. The company’s Registered Office is shown in SLOUGH. This is a residential property and the occupier has no knowledge of the company nor consented to let the company use his address.

UKCAT LTD - 6808728 - Residence used as company Reg Office & director’s address
An individual has reported to Companies House that this company is using her address in MANCHESTER as the registered office address and that the director Mr Maythem ALBACHARI is also using her address. She has been receiving mail for both the company and the director.

NOW MEDIA LIMITED - 3155544 - Appointments without consent (x3)
3 people (Colin David Frank PARTRIDGE, Corey GOW and Benny SITHOLE) were appointed to the company. It would appear that they filed the forms themselves. They are unknown to the company. The company have filed termination forms for the unauthorised appointments so the persons are no longer appointed.

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