Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Met Police Company Fraud Alert

FFE Ltd - 6131866 - Possible company personation.
This company is based at 8 QUEEN VICTORIA DRIVE, NEWHALL, SWADLINCOTE, DERBYSHIRE, DE11 0LA. They have learned that there is another business using the same name but with an address of UNIT 6A, GEORGE STREET, WEST BROMWICH, WEST MIDLANDS, B70 6NN. This business has apparently incurred a number of CCJs and is impacting on the genuine company

YEGADIRECT Limited - 7071919 - Residential address used as Director’s address
The director David BRUCE is shown with an address in KENT. The occupier has contacted Companies House to complain that he does not reside there and has no links to the address. The other director, Gboyega FATIMILEHIN is shown at an address in EASTBOURNE. This is also a residential property and he is not on the Voters Registers.

MR NEVILLE JOHNSON & MRS JO MAXWELL-KEYS UK Plc - 07128185 - Fraudulent incorporation
Mr Neville JOHNSON has a previous record of fraudulent incorporation of companies at Companies House. He has appointed an individual to this company without her knowledge or consent, having obtained her details from her name tag. She works at a local high street Bank which is also shown as the Registered Office address for the company.

PARAGON INTERIORS GROUP PLC - 1981976 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office
A paper form ADO1 changing the Registered Office address was rejected because the company have signed into PROOF. The director contacted Companies House to report that the form was fraudulent and someone had forged his signature. GENUINE ADDRESS - PARAGON HOUSE, ORCHARD PLACE, NOTTINGHAM BUSINESS PARK, NOTTINGHAM NG8 6PX FALSE ADDRESS - IMPERIAL COURT, EXCHANGE ST EAST UNIT 1A, LIVERPOOL, MERSEYSIDE L2 3AB

SAFE TRADING LIMITED - 6056490 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that he was appointed to this company without his knowledge or consent. He does not know the other director. The 2009 accounts show the individual’s name with a forged signature.

SDY INFOCOM PVT LIMITED - 7147499 - Address used as Company Registered Office and director’s address
This company Registered Office address & service address of the director is shown in SHOREHAM-BY-SEA. The occupier does not know the director and has never heard of this company. Apparently the director’s residential address is overseas.

The Bruce Electrical Company Limited - 4028563 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office & Appointment without consent
The occupier of the property contacted Companies House to complain that their address in Maidenhead has been used as the Registered Office address of the company without their consent. The occupier has also been appointed without consent as a director of the company. The director Umar RASHEED was unaware of the change of address but is taking steps to amend it. He does not know either the resident occupier or the other appointee to his company. The resident occupier believes this may be part of an ongoing harassment case against them which is under investigation. Benjamin NURSE appears to be an official of the next 5 companies, using other people’s addresses as the service address and registered office address. He has used different formation agents to incorporate the company’s on 12/01/10 & 13/01/10.

These companies are using his address of 3 PARK GROVE, EDGWARE, MIDDLESEX, HA87SH as the registered office address and service address of the director, Benjamin NURSE.

This company is using the address of 3 HERON COURT, 63 LANCASTER GATE, LONDON, W2 3NJ and as the service address of Benjamin NURSE.

I have also found another company and address for Benjamin NURSE. This address is 14 WEIR ROAD, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, SW19 8UG

Another company, this time based at 44 MONTGOMERY ROAD, LONDON, ENGLAND, W4 5LZ

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