Friday, 12 February 2010

Met Police Company Fraud Alert

SIM ASSOCIATES Ltd - SC225050 - Appointment without consent
An individual has been appointed without his knowledge or consent as director and has no knowledge of this company. He is shown as having been appointed in 2007 when there were several other changes of appointments.

ACCESS DIAMOND LIMITED - 06742189 - Address used without consent as director’s address
Companies House has received a complaint that the director Ahmed Abdul MUNNEEM is using an address the THE NETHERLANDS as his address without consent of the occupier. The individual was appointed to LEO PEPSTER Ltd (Co No 6618899) which has recently been dissolved; but has never heard of this company either and never consented to being an officer.

ANGLOMARLL Ltd - 06850095 - Update
This company was the subject of a referral in May 2009 re the fraudulent appointment of David TATTERSALL. Mr TATTERSALL has recently been visited by bailiffs as the company has been taken to court for a debt of £6000. This is currently on hold pending enquiries but the company also has a CCJ from BANBURY in November 2009. This company’s Registered Office is also an accommodation/virtual office address but it seems to be placing orders for goods, but where are they being delivered to??

ROSEVALE Limited - SC257050 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that he has been appointed as director without his knowledge or consent. It would appear the company was incorporated after his credit card was stolen. A large amount of debt has since been run up in the company’s and his name. I understand the Company Secretary was also fraudulently appointed but this has not been confirmed.

A.D. HUNN LIMITED - 5697775 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office
A form AD01 was filed on 29/10/09 changing the Registered Office address from 75 NEWNHAM STREET, ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, CB7 4PQ to 7 ARDFERN AVENUE, NORBURY, LONDON, SW16 4RB. This was done without the knowledge or consent of the company. The Register has been amended to show the correct address

GALAH TRAVEl Ltd - 7109981 - Fraudulent Incorporation
This company was incorporated on 21/12/2009 the director name and the Registered Office address in LONDON have been used fraudulently. The resident at the address has not consented to either being a named director of the company or to having his address used as a company Registered Office.

MTEE Limited - 05909070 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that he was appointed without his knowledge or consent as director. The Register shows a series of resignations and appointments since incorporation but has filed its Annual accounts and Returns where appropriate. There have also been several changes of Registered Office address. The last set of accounts for year end 31/08/2008 show a £1.1million turnover after previously filing dormant accounts. However, this company also has 9 CCJs against it.

R.M. BONAR Ltd - SC275985 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office & possible fraudulent trading
The Registered Office address of this company was changed by submission of paper 287 on 17/08/2009 to an address in NORTH LANARKSHIRE, ML4 5QR. (This post code is incorrect) The occupier of the address has since received numerous demands and summonses addressed to Mr BONAR. He is shown as resigning on the same date and a William McEWAN appointed. Mr McEWAN’s address is given as 18 COMMUNITY ROAD but he does not reside there. Mr BONAR’s address is shown as 56 DEVON VALLEY DRIVE, SAUCHIE, ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE, FK10 3GA. However, I understand that he resides at 3 MEDWYN PLACE, ALLOA, CLACKMANNANSHIRE, FK10 1NG. This was also the previous Registered Office address of the company. It is proposed to strike this company off.

MR BONAR has recently incorporated a new company - MAYFIELD ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE Ltd (6995560) on 19/08/2009, five days after he resigned from the above company!!

MUSIC AND LAUGHTER LTD - 6904051 - Appointment without consent
An individual has complained to Companies House that he was appointed as director of the company without his knowledge or consent from 02/12/2009. The Registered Office was changed on the same date to SUITE 23, 151 HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14 2BT. This address is owned by Mail Boxes Etc. It would appear that this company may be being used for fraudulent activity.

CANSPEAK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - 07121358 - Address used as company Registered Office without consent / Possible fraudulent incorporation
This company was incorporated on 11/01/2010 and had a Registered Office address in GLOUCESTERSHIRE. This is a private property and the occupiers have no knowledge of the company or the director. The director is shown as David SHERRY with an address of 13 ASH TREE DRIVE, HAXEY, DONCASTER, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, DN9 2JT. The Registered Office address has been changed to this address as of today. However, from my enquiries, I cannot find anybody called SHERRY living there and suspect this company may be being used for fraudulent activity.

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