Friday, 12 February 2010

Met Police Company Fraud Alert

BAYCITY INVESTMENTS Ltd - 6625617 - Possible fraudulent accounts
This company filed their first year’s accounts at Companies House on 15/06/2009 for year end 31/12/2008 showing a tangible net worth of £2,501,658. The Register also shows this company has had a lot of appointments and resignations since incorporation and has recently changed its Registered Office address to 35 FIRS AVENUE, LONDON, N11 3NE. This address is that of Paramount company service providers.

PAUL THOMPSON BUILDERS Ltd - 4710941 - Fraudulent change of Registered Office
The Registered Office address of this company was fraudulently changed by submission of paper AD01 on 12/01/2010 to 46 MANOR ROAD, TOTTENHAM, LONDON, N17 0JJ
This address has come to notice before. It is also linked to
All of which have a connection with fraudulent changes of Registered Office. The company has amended the Register to show the correct address of 29 NUTTER ROAD, THORNTON-CLEVELEYS, LANCASHIRE, FY5 1BQ

VENSTAR Ltd - 5299671 - Possible fraudulent accounts
Two sets of accounts for this company were filed at Companies House on 02/05/2009; for year end 30/11/2007 showing a turnover of £652431 and also for year end 30/11/2008 with a turnover of £989662 A further set of accounts for year end 30/11/2006 were filed on 04/05/2009 showing a turnover of £498007. The latest accounts for year end 30/11/2009, submitted on 16/01/2010 show a turnover of £1031298! The latest Annual Return show the sole shareholder to be Francoise AYADI who also signed off the accounts. The company’s Registered Office address is a serviced office facility as have their previous Registered Office addresses.

GOLDBERG SYSTEMS Ltd - 5664868 - Possible fraudulent accounts / Possible fraudulent trading
Dormant accounts were filed at Companies House on 19/03/2007 for year end 31/01/2007 and also on 04/02/2008 for year end 31/01/08. Amended accounts were then filed on 23/06/2008 for year end 31/01/08 showing a turnover of £1,175,905. Accounts for year end 31/01/09 were then filed on 16/04/09 with a turnover of £4,816,011. Karen SMITH was appointed Company Secretary on 30/05/2008. Peter DANIELS was appointed as Director on 11/06/08. The amended accounts for year end 31/01/08 were filed and signed by Peter DANIELS. The registered address in MIDDLESEX was used as an impersonation address in another impersonation attempt. This address locates residential flats. One of the previous Registered Office addresses, changed at Companies House on 23/09/2009, was 1-3 PRINCES AVENUE, LONDON, N10 3LS. This address is the home address quoted for Jeffrey WEAVING, Director of CRESTMOUNT SYSTEMS Ltd. Both Karen SMITH and Peter DANIELS have quoted their home addresses as PRINCES AVENUE. The website is registered to an Anthony DANIELS at the PRINCES AVENUE address. The website was registered on 25/05/2008 and the page displays the message ‘Our website is currently being updated will be back shortly’. The website is also registered to Anthony DANIELS at the PRINCES AVENUE address and was also registered on 25/05/2008.

HEARTCROFT UK Ltd - 6377200 - Possible fraudulent accounts/Possible fraudulent trading
The current Registered Office address of UNIT 6 LORDS BUSINESS CENTRE, 665 NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD, LONDON, NW2 7AX has come to notice in previous referrals. Accounts filed at Companies House on 20/01/2010 for year end 30/09/2009 showing a turnover of £1,700,295 for the company’s first year. The website was registered on 11/08/2009 with the Registrant’s address shown as 99 ADDSION ROAD, LONDON, W14 8DD. This is the address for the director Jack MATTHEWS. However Mr Matthews is not shown as residing at this address.

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