Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gadgetdudes Limited - Impersonation Fraud

Gadgetdudes Limited has been a victim of company identity fraud. They have submitted the below statement for a publication to clarify their situation:

"We are an online retailer and ONLY operate through our website: http://www.gadgetdudes.co.uk

We are aware that unscrupulous individuals have been using our company name and address, through online adverts and forums, to offer cheap electrical goods such as mobile phones and DJ equipment, they then request payments through companies such as Western Union for goods they do not deliver. Gadgetdudes does NOT offer payments through Western Union and we do NOT work with this company for any sort of payment.

The scammers use free sign up e-mail addresses for correspondence. An example is: DAVID GREY - gatgetdudes@gmail.com, gatgetdudes@live.com.

Gadgetdudes ONLY corresponds with our customers through email address ending with: ..@gadgetdudes.co.uk

The scammers link to the website ukdata.com for their potential victims to "verify" them using UK Data Ltd's credit checking services, however the scammers have no relation to the real company. In this case, the customer and the company are both victims. Gadgetdudes Limited have been made aware of this and we are working with UK Data Ltd and the City of London Police to stop these fraudsters."

For more information on this and other fraud please visit this link and to see updated company page on ukdata.com go here.

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