Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pie in the Sky+

Or, how not to do Customer Relations.

Having had an order problem with Sky - to do with the fact that the 'sales team' is different to the 'online sales team' - the (very friendly) operator couldn't help me. She put me on hold to see if her manager could help, the manager didn't speak to me but told the (very friendly) operator that there was nothing they could do and if I wanted any further action then I had to contact Customer Relations.

And this is the fun bit. You cannot telephone the Customer Relations team, nor can you email them. Or Tweet. Or IM.

If you, the customer, wish to speak to Customer Relations, you cannot. You must write to them.

That is not Customer Relations, unless you go back a couple of decades.

We don't want you to have an experience like that, so if you want to contact us at, all you have to do is pick up the phone, write an email to us, send us a tweet @ukdata and we will help you. No hassle, no 'managers' and certainly no stamps involved.

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