Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Can you print on demand?

We are building a new product to allow businesses to quickly and easily identify new business prospects and create mailing lists. Scheduled to go live in September our 'Marketing Lists' application allows clients to select from a real world list of company activities and not SIC codes which are unreliable.

From there the client can filter the list of companies by postcode sector, postcode, town or county.

So far, simple and straightforward. What we would like to do is add a further feature so that having purchased a mailing list our clients can then send a postcard or letter for next day delivery.

For example, a client comes to our website to buy a list of companies they wish to target (i.e. Graphic Designers in Surrey), they buy the list and then receive a CSV file of the contact names and addresses. The way the mailing list industry currently works that would be the end of the relationship.

What we are developing within the website is the functionality so that after buying the list a client can choose to 'Send a postcard/letter' to the contact list they have just purchased. This application will function within the browser and be very user friendly.

The client will be able to choose from a range of postcards or create their own by uploading images and writing text. For A4 letters they can upload a PDF template of their headed business stationery.

Couple of points to note, all our data is already MPS checked so we only send out legal marketing and we will launch in phase 2 a B2C service to allow consumer based businesses to contact local consumers who fit within the required profile of their audience.

An example of this would be for an attraction such as Denbies Vineyard in Dorking could choose to send a postcard to all couples without children earning over £30k who have expressed a preference for English wine and within a 3 mile radius to promote an event. (Clever Stuff!)

We will be spending significant resource on taking this to market and are looking for a business partner to manage the printing and fulfilment of this area. If you are interest please email alastair[@] or call me on 01372 750800.

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