Friday, 15 May 2009

Website Features - Update 2

In addition to the layout and basic function/design changes mentioned in Update 1 there are going to be some changes within the 'My Reports' and 'My Monitors' sections.

These two sections are going to be merged into one 'My Companies' area where you will be able to view the documents and reports purchased on companies and edit the monitoring alerts you wish to receive in the same place.

All purchased documents will be pre-sorted into company order with all documents relating to an individual company listed by company. So, if you have purchased multiple reports on company, it will be easier to find, sort, view, print or share these documents.

(this image may not be how the final version appears but it is a good indicator)

A new simple Monitoring On/Off button will appear beside each company name and clicking the 'edit settings' will cause a drop down box to appear where you can edit your monitoring preferences for that company.

The 'share' functionality will be improved but more on that in a later update.

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