Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Website Features - Update 1

We will be spending the summer working hard to improve the website for you and to add new features, to make checking companies credit and monitoring their activity even quicker and simpler.

Our new release - which is due in July - is going to include a raft of new features to make using the website that bit easier and over the next few weeks I will blog about these so you can see what is coming up. Please email me alastair[at]ukdata.com if you have suggestions or feedback on any of the new features.

The main noticeable change will be layout. We are not changing the design but instead taking the current layout and making it wider to 980px and increasing the default text size to making reading the website easier. Don't worry though if you like your text small, there will be a -TEXT+ button to override the text size.

We are also adding 'print this page' and 'email this page' buttons to every page throughout the website. This will include all the 'Company Details' pages so you can share company information with others by email without leaving the page.

The same 'email this page' code will be used for the 'share this report' button in your My Reports area so that instead of being taken to a new page and filling in a form, a pop-up layer will simply ask for their email address and whisk the report off to your colleague.

more to come...

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