Monday, 6 April 2009

More fraud prevention

More emails and phone calls over the last few days from victims of fraudsters using UK companies details as a false front. Thanks to Chris over at for allowing me to post his check list.

Main points to watch for:

The website is poorly designed.
Incorrectly spelt words, bad English grammar.
Uses cell phones or a redirection service - verify telephone numbers at International Numbers
They sell quality branded goods such as Nike, Rolex, Tiffany etc, that they claim are genuine.
They sell quality branded goods, Nike, Rolex, Tiffany etc..that they claim are replicas.
Prices seem too good to be true, such as half price iPods or Xbox Units.
They initiated contact with you via EBay messaging system or spam email.
They only have a web presence on B2B or Auction websites.

Website Registration

The website name address has no relevance to the 'company' name.
The website was registered in the last 3 months.
The website registration was only purchased for a period of one year.
The physical address provided in the website registration is too vague to be an actual address.
The phone number provided in the website registration appears fake. e.g. 12345678.
The email address provided in the website registration is using a free email service such as Yahoo or Hotmail

Seller Behaviour

Instead of referring to the goods as counterfeit or replicas, they use terms such as 'high quality' or 'A+'.
They are reluctant to accept PayPal, or make excuses why they cannot accept PayPal.
Once you have paid for the items they seem to ignore your emails and instant messages.
If a third party suggest they are a scam, they say this is because they are the competition
The seller uses heavy pressure for you to increase your order quantity.


Does not accept any form of Credit Card.
Only accepts Credit Card for local purchases.
Requires money to be sent by Bank Transfer, Western Union or Moneygram.
Only accepts Credit Card to fund Bank Transfer, Western Union or Moneygram.
After purchasing goods has asked you to send more money for goods to clear customs.
Offers no method of payment using a proper secure means.


Once paid you are provided with a shipping number that is 'not found' or 'invalid' on the shipping companies website.
Provides 'documents' which have been produced by Photoshop.
A Google search finds their name associated with a scam.
The Local Administration for Industry and Commerce cannot confirm this company is legally registered, and has certificates for foreign trade.

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