Thursday, 26 March 2009

Understanding Company Identity Theft

We have been asked many times how to verify a company on our database who 'claim' to only have 'free' email accounts and wish to use Western Union for payment.

The majority of these questions are coming from individuals wishing to buy electrical products as a result of finding special offers online on mobile phones, DVD players etc. 

In most cases the company being namechecked does not know about the posts or the offers and is being scammed itself. Click here for more background on this.

We have answered this question on our forum and in our help pages but this link to forum post  is very helpful and they detail an excellent outline of the methodology of the fraudster and what to watch for."

If you wish to report a fraud and save someone else becoming a victim please post on our forum and on the fraudwatchers forum.

If you post on our forum we can then add some detail (example) to the company in question in our database and contact them to inform them that they may also be a victim of impersonation.

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