Thursday, 12 March 2009

Company fraud - now its personal - Alastair Campbell Ltd

We have been warning companies to monitor the internet for mentions of their company name and directors names using Google Alerts for some time now.

At the same time we have worked with other data providers to try and clamp down on fraudsters impersonating UK companies. By sharing the information and informing the genuine directors of the company they at least could do something about it. See Gamecasta Limited page for an example.

More on the history of this here and here.

But, now it is personal. In the last few weeks a fraudster has been referring to a non existent company 'Alastair Campbell Ltd' and had the front to pretend it was based at our office address here.

So, a little competition, can we beat him to the top of Google for the term 'Alastair Campbell Ltd'? In essence, anyone checking his company out, should then find this post or this page - Alastair Campbell Ltd and realise that sending cash by Western Union is probably not their best bet.

If you want to help stop him defrauding others, please link back to this page using the anchor text 'Alastair Campbell Ltd' - it might not stop him but it will reduce the number of people who fall for his scam.

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