Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Advertising on ukdata.com

We are now running a Beta test of 3rd party advertising on the website.

With 2,000,000 page impressions and over 500,000 unique visitors per month, the majority of whom are well educated, and initially profiled by Quantcast as B2B and SME it is an excellent opportunity for a non competing business to business website to attract visitors and sales leads.

We are applying fixed pricing with discounts for longer commitments to move away from the auction style ads seen across other websites. The deal will also be exclusive to one advertiser and and we will offer the complete run of our company listings pages. If the Beta proves succesful we will look at a more granular approach where you can advertise within specific sectors, Accountancy, Legal, Retail etc.

As this is a Beta I would love to hear your feedback or ideas - simply drop me an email at alastair[at]ukdata.com

More information and contact details are available here.

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