Monday, 23 February 2009

Visitor Traffic Doubles as Credit Tightens

As credit controllers become stricter about handing out credit and companies start to check out who they are doing business with before they even open a conversation, traffic at has almost doubled in recent weeks.

Traffic in the 3rd week of February was double the 3rd week in December!

This pattern started in the new year after the holidays and has not stopped since. If the current rate of visitor traffic continues, by the end of July 2009 visitor traffic will surpass the TOTAL number of visitors for 2008.

There may be other factors behind this however - googlebot has been spending more time on the site (see diagram below), crawling more pages, more often and while we can guess at some of the reasons behind this, some of it must be down to the jump in inbound links to and the number of new users signing up to the free monitoring service.

New users to the monitoring service in Jan 2009 is double the number of new users in Jan 2008. February is looking even stronger. So caution seems to be the word of the moment.