Monday, 23 February 2009

A new client breaks a record

A new client broke all previous records today by requesting that we monitor all his clients using the monitoring service.

Nothing unusual about that apart from the fact there were 10,843 companies on the list.

This is now the highest number of companies monitored by a single client.

Please note that if you wish to monitor more clients than you would be happy to add manually to your monitor account you can simply visit this page, look for the section titled:

What if i want to monitor several companies?"

and look for the link to download a spreadsheet you can complete off-line and email to us.

We will do the hard work for you.

Visitor Traffic Doubles as Credit Tightens

As credit controllers become stricter about handing out credit and companies start to check out who they are doing business with before they even open a conversation, traffic at has almost doubled in recent weeks.

Traffic in the 3rd week of February was double the 3rd week in December!

This pattern started in the new year after the holidays and has not stopped since. If the current rate of visitor traffic continues, by the end of July 2009 visitor traffic will surpass the TOTAL number of visitors for 2008.

There may be other factors behind this however - googlebot has been spending more time on the site (see diagram below), crawling more pages, more often and while we can guess at some of the reasons behind this, some of it must be down to the jump in inbound links to and the number of new users signing up to the free monitoring service.

New users to the monitoring service in Jan 2009 is double the number of new users in Jan 2008. February is looking even stronger. So caution seems to be the word of the moment.

New logo for

We have a fancy new logo this morning.

Our website was looking a bit drab and with all the business news being so depressing we thought we would brighten up the website.

Out with the old:

And in with the new:

Any comments or feedback much appreciated.

Monday, 9 February 2009

New Partner Program

We will be soft launching our new Partner Program on 2nd April 2009.

If you have website visitors that could require company credit reports or free company monitoring you will be able to add all the features of to your website.

What's more, we do all the behind the scenes work and manage the entire process for you including payment processing, telephone/email support, backups, nightly updates and sending out monitor alerts.

In return for your on-line promotion we will pay you an excellent % of total revenue to you on a monthly basis variable on your sales and new monitor sign ups.

More information is available here and if you want to be alerted when we go live please email support[at] with the subject line 'partner program alert'

Company liquidations up 50%

On Friday the BBC had a sobering news item on their website that led with the fact that the fact that corporate liquidations (the end stage of a company going under) in the last three months of 2008 were up 52% on the last three months of 2007.

But more importantly, actual liquidations and receiverships were up 220% on the same period to the year before.

This accounts for one in every 150 trading companies.

As you can see from the graph below from The Insolvency Service , there has been a significant jump in company failure during quarters 2,3 & 4 in 2008.

What does this mean for all of us? No one is going to be unaffected and all companies and those responsible for credit control should be checking and double checking all the available information before opening or extending a line of credit.

This is why we offer a company monitor service for free and want you to use it. If you have any questions or need help setting up an account or adding/changing the companies that you monitor please contact us.

Reasons to use our forum

We had an email today about this forum post:

The questioner wanted to know how and why we had verified the company mentioned and apparently posting their mobile phone prices.

As always, we explained that we don't verify the ability of a company to do business or their ethics or anything that is subjective. All our information is objective and based on financial data we source from a number of agencies.

Even more importantly, a forum posting such as the one above may be legitimate or not and the fact that the company is on our website is not indicative of whether this posting is genuine.

We always recommend you look for a land line UK telephone number and an email address that matches the URL of a company website not a free Hotmail, Live or Google email account.

You can find out more about verifying a company here and more information on common mobile phone scams here.