Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Checkout is now easier

New checkout - what is it and what have we done?

We have streamlined the process of payment into a single web page so that you can get from start to order confirmation in less than a minute. By adding in some clever code thanks to our developers over at Digital Morphosis we only display the form fields you actually need to complete.

For example, if you are paying by MasterCard, you select the card type from the drop down list and the cart removes the start date and issue number fields so that you are only left with the fields we require to process the order.

At the same time we are completing simple checks so we can minimise your waiting time while we process your order. The checkout knows if the card number matches the card type and flags up any possible errors before the order is passed to the bank. Saving you time and frustration.

You can also edit your basket and/or order details at any time using the 'Basket Summary' links found on the left hand side of the checkout web page.

When you wish to re-order the checkout has a secure system which allows you to re-use a previous credit card without having to retype all your details.

By not storing any of the card details on our server and instead sending the bank an approved unique identifier which is only valid on our website you can safely make a repeat payment knowing that we have not stored your credit card details anywhere on our server.

As always if you have any feedback, please drop us a line at support[at]